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Law Office of Howard A. Goldstein | Wrongful Death
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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

If you are reading this because someone you love has been killed due to the recklessness, negligence, misconduct, or inattention of another, we send our deepest condolences. The emotional trauma that situations like these can cause is unbearable, and it may come with a financial burden as well. You may have many questions about your future, and we are dedicated to helping you answer those questions. Our firm’s priority is justice for you and your loved ones; we will work tirelessly in representing you through this tragedy. Our expert personal injury attorneys have represented countless victims of wrongful death, and our main priority is your well-being. Let us navigate these inherently nuanced legal waters while you and your family focus on recovery.

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Who can file a wrongful death claim?

  • The deceased’s surviving spouse if they were married at the time of death;
  • The deceased’s surviving domestic partner;
  • One of the deceased’s surviving children;
  • Someone would be entitled to the deceased’s property as if he/she did not have a will;
  • The deceased’s putative spouse, the children of the putative spouse, parents, or stepchildren of the deceased;
  • A minor that resided with the deceased for 180 days in the deceased’s home and was dependent on him or her for at least half of their support; or
  • A personal representative of the deceased.

The nature of your accident is inherent in successfully filing a wrongful death claim. Common causes in these cases include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents—Traffic accidents, including car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents are the single most common cause of wrongful death. Specifically, motor vehicle accidents caused by speeding, dangerous or reckless driving, distracted driving, and DUI are often filed.
  • Workplace accidents—The workplace is another common place where wrongful deaths occur. Faulty equipment, slip-and-fall accidents, and employer negligence are a few of the subtopics seen in this category.
  • Medical malpractice—Medical malpractice includes situations such as when a doctor fails to properly diagnose a condition, or a medical professional commits medical negligence by administering an improper medication/dosage

At our firm, we understand the financial burden behind these claims. They are inherent to wrongful death cases. Along with the loss of love, comfort, companionship, and guidance, victims must face serious financial repercussions in these tragedies. Thankfully, our law firm can help you recover justice as well as compensation. Survivors may be compensated for:

  • Loss of future earnings of the victim
  • Lost benefits (i.e. medical benefits or a pension) the victim may have had
  • Fixed expenses such as medical bills and funeral costs

Resources such as grief counseling and group therapy are available to those that need it. Regardless of the organization that you need, our wrongful death attorneys will guide you to the support you need. Get in touch with us so that we may help you every step of the way.

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